Beginners guide to playing Pac-man.IO

From the makers of Agario comes Pac-man.IO. As the name suggests, this is a multiplayer casual game based on the classic 80s arcade game Pac-man. Imagine a cross between a Dario and Pac-man, and you may be well on your way to visualising this new game.

Currently in beta testing, the game allows you to control a character which, at various times throughout the game, can be either Pac-man or a ghost. As a multiplayer game and you picked yourself against other players to become the biggest, most powerful Pac-man on the playing field.

There are currently no options to configure, except for putting in a nickname if you want one, so clicking the play button from the front page launches you straight into a game.

Here you will be surrounded by large glowing walls, dots to munch, various power pills, fruit, and a number of other Pac-Man and ghost characters or controlled by other people playing the game.

In the top right corner is a leaderboard. In the bottom left corner is a commentary listing player kills.

I think currently the game is only available for desktop, or otherwise playable in a modern web browser. This article will be updated as and when mobile apps become available.

The basics are as follows:

Playing as Pac-man


Playing as ghost

Power pills

Various power pills will affect game play when you eat them.

White pillWhite pill: this sends out a circular blast which turns ghosts blue, allowing them to be eaten, and also appears to slow down other Pac-men.

Green pillGreen Lightning Bolt pill: this gives your Pac-man extra speed for a short time.

Orange pillOrange ghost pill: this turns you into a ghost for a short time.



At the moment, there are some strange invisible areas on some parts of the playing field. This does not seem to affect movement but can affect visibility.


At present, not many people appear to be playing the game. If it becomes popular, it may be necessary to have additional servers and options as is the case with Agario.

Update: 29th November 2018

The game has been updated with some revised features. We don't know if this is a permanent change, or an experimental phase.

What's changed?

Power Pills

When you eat a power pill, your Pacman gets a slightly puffed up cheek, with a red tinge. The pill does not take effect immediately, but only when you press SPACE/left mouse button.

While you have a pill in your mouth, you can't consume most elements, including dots, other power pills, and fruit. You can still kill smaller players by touching them.

When you activate the pill, it will take effect at the position you're in.


There are now few, if any, auto-generated ghosts in play (although this seems to vary over time).


Quite a bit more fruit seems to be available.

New Tips

It's not possible to tell what pill a particular Pacman is holding.

Therefore, approach with caution. Whatever they have, it could harm you.

They could turn into a ghost and zap you, get a speed boost to attack you, or freeze you with a white pill.